happy boys farm

The purpose was to make people aware of their local food options to help escape our crazy 1500 mile system, not to have a rigid ideology and finger waging if you don't purchase everything locally. So...Be Aware of what you are buying and ask questions. I have to admit that the food preparation was quite exhausting. During our kitchen test, we had five people doing the cooking instead of two of us in a much smaller kitchen. Plus this time we didn't have the pleasure of relaxing between meals, sipping wine, and chatting. I had one magickal food moment that I'll remember for the rest of my life. I'm not a raw carrot person. I like mine steamed or shreded raw into salads. I admit that if i find a big chunk of carrot to eat, I'm normally smothering it in a bowl of ranch dressing. Anyway, Jess was shredding carrots for our lettuce wraps. She kept having little stubs because it was too difficult to get the last ends of the carrot without shredding her fingers. She turned to me and was like you need to try this now. Hesitantly I did. And it was the most delicious carrot I have ever eaten! So sweet and watery. From now on I'll be comparing all my carrot purchases to this one bought from Happy Boy Farms [http://happyboyfarms.org/market/live-oak/]
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